Product Warranty Information

As a manufacturer of both OEM Scan Engines and final AIDC products, Newland stands behind the quality of their products. Unless otherwise stated by Newland in a sales agreement between Newland and an End-User customer, warranties of products sold after July 1, 2016 cover the following period of time:

All Corded Handheld Scanners: 5 (five) years
All Cordless Handheld Scanners: 3 (three) years
All Other Products: 2 (two) years
All Cables: 1 (one) year
All Batteries: 3 (three) months

For purchases made before July 1, 2016, Newland offers the following warranties:

All Products: 2 (two) years
All Cables: 3 (three) months
All Batteries: 3 (three) months

A Return Materials Authorization (RMA) is required for all repairs that are sent to the Newland Service Department. To fill out an RMA, please follow the steps listed on our RMA Procedure page.

Warranty Exclusions

The Newland Warranty shall not apply to:

  1. any product which has been modified, repaired by other than Newland service or its authorized representatives;
  2. defects or damages caused by any third parties;
  3. any claimed defect, failure or damage which Newland determines was caused by faulty operations, improper use;
  4. any defect or damage caused by natural or man-made disaster;
  5. any consumable or equivalent (e.g. cables, power supply, batteries, etc.). The consumable items, such as batteries and cables, carry a 90 day warranty from time of purchase.