Newland EMEA, a popular manufacturer specialized in barcode scanning devices, has today announced the next generation of their MT65 Beluga. The Android Mobile Computer has always offered a solid performance and the third incarnation pushes things even further. Most improvements are behind the scenes, with several hardware parts undergoing big improvements. However, the benefits are […]

Today, Newland EMEA is announcing an updated version of one of their most successful Windows Mobile Computers: the PT30 Omura. The device runs on Microsoft Windows CE and offers a cost-effective solution with all the features you need to boost productivity day in and day out. Already a workplace staple in many warehouses, the PT30 Omura […]

Newland EMEA, manufacturer of some of today’s fastest and most versatile barcode scanning equipment, is releasing the PT60 Narvalo. The PT60 Narvalo adds a Windows CE mobile computer to Newland’s portfolio, reinforcing their ability to cover all corners of the market. Tailoring to every business environment To keep up with the ever-changing customer, professionals need […]

Newland EMEA, manufacturer of some of today’s fastest and most versatile barcode scanning equipment, has announced the rollout of a their new fixed mount scanner: the FM430 Barracuda. The highly anticipated barcode scanner will be the centerpiece of their stationary scanner portfolio. Combining Superb Programming with a Megapixel Camera The new FM430 Barracuda is Newland’s […]

Newland EMEA today unveiled the HR42 Halibut, their most reliable and powerful handheld scanner yet. Equipped with a megapixel camera, the HR42 Halibut achieves an entirely new level of performance that allows it to scan virtually every 1D and 2D barcode printed on paper, plastic and metal, as well as a range of direct part […]

Today, Newland EMEA announces an upgrade of one of their most popular stationary scanners for online to offline (O2O) scanning applications like mobile payment and customer loyalty programs: the FM3051 (standard) and the FM3056 (flush-mount) Grouper II. Since their launch mid last year, the original scanners of the FM30 Grouper series have built up a […]

Ever since it’s launch in late 2016, the words “Built to resist. No matter what.” have been widely used to promote Newland EMEA’s NQuire Tough Tab 8″. And for good reason. The portable Windows tablet has an 8” multi-touch display crafted from Corning® Gorilla® Glass to provide best-in-class screen protection for every environment. The IP-67 rated tablet can withstand submersion […]

Whether it’s a store, café, pharmacy or football stadium, the time a customer spends in your venue can make or break their view of your brand. Newland, a global barcode scanner and mobile computer manufacturer, developed their NQuire 300 with exactly that in mind. The new entry-level Android Micro Kiosk makes the most of the customer […]

Newland Europe bv (“Newland EMEA”) today announced a new, further improved version of one of their most popular 1D handheld scanners: the HR11+ Aringa. Amid strong demand for O2O scanning solutions, Newland EMEA looks to continuously enhance their handscanners specialized in scanning barcodes both printed on paper and displayed on a screen. Their new HR11+ Aringa […]

Today, Newland EMEA is launching their newest additions to their Symphone line: the Symphone N7000 and Symphone N7000R. The Symphones are a product line of Android smartphone PDA’s that combine the complete functionality of an Android smartphone with an enterprise-level 2D integrated barcode scanner. Both devices could already be spotted at several trade shows over the last few […]

Newland is announcing today the official release of the BS8060 Piranha. This new device is one of Newland’s most convenient portable hand scanners to date, which is further updated and optimized. The BS8060 Piranha is the new generation of its popular predecessor: the BS8050 Piranha. The BS8060 has been designed to provide users with the convenience of always having a barcode scanner within […]

Newland is excited to announce the launch of their newest generation HR32 Marlin handscanner: the HR3290-CS. The HR3290-CS is a rugged, low-cost 2D scanner that is available as a corded model. A corded model was released in 2016, but now the cordless version is also available. Both versions replace their HR3260 predecessors. While the form factor of the devices […]

  Newland EMEA has launched one of its most affordable Mobile Computers: the PT30 Omura. The device runs on Microsoft Windows CE and offers a cost-effective solution with all the features you need to boost productivity day in and day out. The PT30 Omura is certified by SysDev Mobile Computing (Kalipso), which is a fast and powerful mobile […]

Back in 2014, Newland EMEA introduced their first Android PDA to the market. Since then, Newland sold over 70.000 units of the MT65 model. Today, the company has launched a new version of the product: the MT65 Beluga II. This brand-new portable data collector showcases some major improvements in both functionality and durability. The MT65 Beluga II runs […]

Online to offline (O2O) scanning has caused a rapid shift in the barcode industry over the last few years. Newland’s FM30 Grouper 1D/2D fixed mount barcode scanners help you connect with your customer digitally through mobile phone applications. Make the most of loyalty programs, ticket validations and other online opportunities by building the fixed mount scanner […]

Newland EMEA is breaking into the rugged tablet market with the nearly unbreakable NQuire Tough Tab 8″. The new ultra-rugged tablet with built-in 2D barcode scanner is designed to be used in a variety of extreme environments, making it the perfect tablet to withstand everything that your business can throw at it. With its remarkably low price, reliable design, and elaborate array […]

Tackle your barcode scanning needs in a whole new way with the Newland Symphones. The brand-new product line combines the functionality of a mobile device (smartphone) with the speed and power of a PDA. Armed with a high performance 1D/2D Newland scanning module, the Symphones are ideal for everyday use. Newland recently released the pioneers of the Symphone line: the Symphone N5000 and the Symphone […]

Newland is excited to announce the launch of their newest generation HR32 Marlin handscanner: the HR3290. The HR3290 is a rugged, low-cost 2D scanner that is available as a corded model. A cordless model will follow at a later date. Both versions will be replacing their HR3260 predecessors. Additionally, the Newland HR3250 Marlin is now available with a coiled […]

Now Accepting Orders for the NQ1000 Manta Ever since Newland EMEA first presented the NQ1000 Manta at trade shows earlier this year, anticipation has skyrocketed. The NQ1000 Manta is Newland EMEAs response to the increasing market demand for Android solutions in the form of a POS system, Customer Information Terminal or Micro Kiosk. Get in touch with your target audience […]

The HR11 Aringa is the newest addition to Newland EMEA’s extensive line of handheld scanners. The innovative barcode scanner is a fusion of modern style with the reliability and performance you expect from Newland. Optimized for the fast scanning of 1D barcodes on paper as well as on mobile phone displays, the device offers a versatile scanning solution […]

Newland EMEA today introduced the HR22 Dorada 2D imager, an innovative scanner that offers affordability without compromise. The HR22 Dorada allows users to enjoy the capabilities of a 2D imager being offered for the price of a 1D imager, which is causing a serious ripple in the AIDC market. The vastly increasing use of online to […]

Now Accepting Orders for the FR4060 Akame The FR4060 Akame is designed as an excellent solution for presentation scanning. It features a motion tolerance of 2.5m/s, allowing for speedy and efficient scanning of both 1D and 2D barcodes. The Akame performs well with barcodes both printed on paper and displayed on an LCD screen and […]

Newland EMEA reveals a new scanning solution with the introduction of the DoviSCAN DS-100, to its impressive range of scanners. The new model boasts a variety of excellent scanning credentials including reliable scanning of 2D DPM Data Matrix codes as small as 1mm. Tailored to the medical market, DoviSCAN scans medical instruments that have so […]

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