Published on: May 3, 2017

The following product will be discontinued at set dates due to low demand, having better alternatives or outdated technology.

EOL Date: product discontinuation date, the last day of accepting order for this product

EOM Date: service & support discontinuation date, the last day of providing software upgrade, parts & repair service for this product.

EM3070 Product discontinuation date

EOL Date
EOM Date
OEM Scan Engine.

Datasheet, Integration Guide & User Guide

Datasheet of the EM3070
Integration guide of the EM3070
User Guide of the EM3070

Serial Programming Command Manual

Download here


UExpress (v1.9.2, Build 20130410)

Download here

USB Driver (for ARM 7 series and EVK)

Download here

UFCOM – Virtual COM Driver

Download here

CDC – Virtual COM Driver

Download here

SDK for USB CDC Virtual Serial Port

Download here

Recommendation of Alternative Product for EM3070

We suggest EM3070 customers migrate their applications to compatible EM3090 which has the same form factor as EM3070 but with better performance and less power consumption.